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0.0016 BTC per day

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0.0045 BTC per day

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0.036 BTC per day

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Recent Payouts List

28 minutes ago 0.01823204 BTC 18XNzQVD1m8HsLZ9nZ1hwh5iRuCN3XXX Starter a73091a45ba531a09040...
36 minutes ago 0.00809775 BTC 3B9d5NNhHfndcjdNaKp7HZz6QLCweXXX Starter d1ea687c18fc0751188c...
37 minutes ago 0.03970024 BTC 3JJsUBVYTVnJyBc5jeLs3WMx7j9knXXX Premium 7744a55fe5ed1b008095...
1 hour ago 0.01993397 BTC 34eCHseAH5BnsnVGSpZvVGRvD9s4aXXX Premium 5f48428f7da266e87666...
1 hour ago 0.015 BTC 3A1HgCxPJ6oX7zyG9D5cebmchCqdqXXX Premium 4ac4166ec39e2086b421...
2 hours ago 0.01090638 BTC 33BFx8FXkDvBzDmh7uireEP1vgGSdXXX Standard 6deea3a35b46cd350737...
2 hours ago 0.03468519 BTC 3MwTdAaA7BNm87Yju1Co2ub4h3GqqXXX Starter 1b78671d3f914f7ce376...
2 hours ago 0.01023857 BTC 35jvf39v48ppFPYVNDVgwumsCatHnXXX Standard c21a86e3b59b3c4694db...
2 hours ago 0.00821332 BTC 3KZdQ9efnUyMGhgv1Q1ncKcoNmEU1XXX Premium 5f1a88e9c8ef56221f15...
2 hours ago 0.01262431 BTC 36MYMfRXG6kDBkEi4HrzU7zWPkp1nXXX Starter 4f73c5ae88a1a0655cb0...
2 hours ago 0.15716554 BTC 3MGo2EpwE2Qft5opXPECaF9FhKjkWXXX Starter 7f57c9f1a75470dba6d5...
3 hours ago 0.00833988 BTC 3CgQqcZP51EhGdtam8LqBiRnk3xUSXXX Standard da879897eea2c0aaf843...
3 hours ago 0.02675695 BTC 32BdHvZY4ugtKAkUx5U2LUaksN6G3XXX Premium f0b8584a5247c80418aa...
3 hours ago 0.10177071 BTC 1FJK9CPNwLsBsBSuvTD8ph6a3MVJPXXX Starter 7d082f22db89355fea16...
4 hours ago 0.01252263 BTC 3L1AnQWJb9vga57Urp4JKhoBzpeSiXXX Premium 431d5bd9d15f2715048e...
4 hours ago 0.03077059 BTC 1LCBTobcffKCi6Rht2BviTSNwUd1hXXX Premium c76140b2c70d0e16b613...
4 hours ago 0.00895993 BTC 1NLiCBeeVk1Yoh8vQ85AA67he66GeXXX Starter 94f4db3b0d909330c88a...
5 hours ago 0.02573 BTC 39DL1mcNoPsoxc3AtBVhNZe6GceMkXXX Premium fb537801f1adde639bbf...
5 hours ago 0.00824869 BTC 1MYAbosdvRCFLfuhBwH2ZMRpzXdiLXXX Premium 3705ddf598429bccb089...
5 hours ago 0.1 BTC 38J5m14W4SBUvVE4Jys1qbSPQZSFGXXX Standard 0c8a4270408a50756598...
5 hours ago 0.035 BTC 3ESrZtwANAXybCscZAtTfg9evb2U6XXX Standard e373cc245354b49d6c49...
5 hours ago 0.40340588 BTC 36XcPg1fNpJaUpWt56BHsEpRRrBfpXXX Premium 1a0cf52932da0c370b8a...
6 hours ago 0.5 BTC 38dLHuxjWpjuZsczaG82xbf8tCqDsXXX Starter 46b32a78fa4aeaffcec5...
6 hours ago 0.02007542 BTC 3G4EivGwQJxSFZqBGvVoYJquUzJ4sXXX Standard f430790cfa35a64a12bd...
6 hours ago 0.2 BTC 3ADQaUfwkok45vSdYq9vjxYpjAdJbXXX Standard b2348a248de077cce6b2...
6 hours ago 0.02657053 BTC 1CnpDyWoHy4Tox2GFMd3EPhC4RAAoXXX Premium 1b2a40c1bf473eaa4512...
6 hours ago 1.53821867 BTC 36bATwwbzi1cnYM1stUifZALZcHu7XXX Standard 26e52640c913d8e1450f...
7 hours ago 0.22016324 BTC 3NXD3A5hSS7sjgLTEMyb3ANWKGxgMXXX Standard 3180d8b7b37acca51178...
7 hours ago 0.02015727 BTC 1NTqKbo2uGXSPN5uQzUJLA9vUNvA4XXX Starter 9fe8e911be2da5869b9f...
7 hours ago 0.00880385 BTC 1JFqyFhVBd9u6oNNop4XV3QfzV2SWXXX Standard 71cfbce22e52f12400aa...

Questions and Answers

Listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic.

What is Bitsmine?

Bitsmine is an industry leading Bitcoin mining pool. All of the mining power is backed up by physical miners. Mining with the latest algorithms allows to make as much Bitcoin as possible. We aim to provide you with the easiest possible way to make money without having to do any of the hard stuff.
With data centers around the globe, we aim to keep bills down and mining power high, meaning you can make more in a shorter amount of time than what it would take to mine from your home for instance. Our data centers are located in Europe, USA and China with dedicated Up-Links and 99% uptime!

How do I start mining?

Sign up providing your wallet address and start generating bitcoin.

Can I earn without investments?

Yes you can earn without investments. You can generate 0.0003 BTC every day without investments. You can also upgrade your Bitsmine to generate up to 0.08000000 BTC every day.

Minimum amount for withdrawal & upgrade?

Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.002 BTC. Minimal upgrade amount is 0.005 BTC. You need to have at least 3 package in order to request payout. To make withdrawal of 0.01 BTC or greater it is required to have at least 1 Premium Package.

How long does it take to withdraw earnings?

Withdrawal applications are generally processed instantly. We may verify your identity time to time.

How much can I earn from affiliate program?

You will earn 10% to 40% every time your referral gets upgrade depending on your BTConline plan. All referral earnings are listed here

How long the plan will be active?

Bitsmine upgrades have no limits and works as long as our data centers are powered. Our uptime is 99% so upgrade confidently.

I don't have Bitcoin. Where can I get Bitcoin?

You can buy and sell Bitcoins on Bitcoin trading platforms like LocalBitcoins.

I don't have bitcoin wallet. How can I create?

You can create Bitcoin wallet using online services like

How can I contact Bitsmine Team?

You can contact us via contacts pages form

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